The problem with digital transformation initiatives in the eyes of a Product Manager

Swiss Banking at Paradeplatz, Zurich, Switzerland

Does your organization understand the difference between Product Management and Project Management?

What is a Project Team?

What are the challenges for a “Project Team”?

Now, what is a “Product Team” on the other hand?

What does that mean for the designers and engineers in this case?

“Discovery” doesn’t come at the expense of “Delivery.” In fact, “Discovery” can speed up “Delivery”, as the product validation has been done before the “Delivery” is happening. This way you speed up the entire execution process and save A LOT of money on the way.

How can you transform your “Project Team” into a “Product Team”?

What does this mean for the “Project Team”?

Step 1: Promote change

Step 2: Step up your skill set

They may need training, mentoring, and coaching but they will eventually get there. It’s only to their advantage as they will have a steep learning curve and it will not only reflect on their skills but also on their salary.

Step 3: Encourage inclusion

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